Introducing the Magna Screen� SUV camping revolution
Now you can sleep right in your SUV without worrying about bothersome bugs and mosquitoes! Simply lay the Magna Screen over your open window and enjoy fresh air without the buzzing critters.
Campers, hunters, outdoorsmen all love the convenience of the Magna Screen.
The Blue Ridge Outdoors Magazine custom Xterra sports a Magna Screen
Do you have a kennel in the back of your vehicle? Now you can ventilate the interior while providing a handy barrier against bugs. But remember... it's never a good idea to leave animals or kids in a car on a hot day, even with Magna Screens.
How does it work?

Magna Screen uses a patent pending magnetic adherence method to stick forcefully to any metal surface (such as your SUV).

Currently, Magna Screen is designed to fit most SUVs with metal window frames. All you have to do is measure.

Will Magna Screen fit over your rear window?
Just measure the window...

Magna Screen fits any window up to 30 inches by 34.5 inches wide or tall.
Who needs a Magna Screen?

If you like to camp from your SUV but don't always want to set up your tent, you need a Magna Screen. Fishermen, hunters, campers, dog owners, or anyone who wants the benefits of fresh air without the hassle of buzzing critters can use a Magna Screen.

Magna Screen is also the perfect compliment for your existing SUV tent system. If you have a hatch tent behind your SUV you can gain extra ventilation for more enjoyable nights in the great outdoors. Like to tailgate before a game? Now you can roll down the windows at a tailgate party and still keep the flies out!

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Other Uses:

This fellow uses a Magna Screen on the sunroof of his VW Jetta

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